Science History Mysteries

STEM Mystery Games

Matheatre offers collaborative, theatrical mysteries for classes or groups of colleagues or friends to solve. Immerse yourselves in a world where your wits and STEM knowledge are your best tools. Our mysteries combine history, STEM topics, critical thinking, and creativity to enhance learning.

Schrödinger's Cat​

A live, interactive puzzle adventure that plays out over text message. Groups of up to 20 work together (from wherever they are) to use chemistry knowledge to rescue a curious kitten from a very suspenseful box! A live character texts with the group, sending pictures and media to lead them through an interactive adventure similar to an escape room! Participants will identify atoms, learn about radioactive decay, and experiment with cat chemistry. High school level chemistry knowledge recommended. 

Stuck in this box. Halp

Tesla's Pigeon

Nikola Tesla was an inventor, electricity pioneer, and connoisseur of Columbidae (the family of birds consisting of doves and pigeons). It is well known that Tesla kept pigeons as pets and even cared for sick and injured birds in his New York hotel residence. In this adventure, lab assistants age 8 and up join forces to help Tesla find a mischievous pigeon who has left clues around the inventor’s laboratory, with puzzles and challenges to solve by learning about electricity and the force of electromagnetism. This live-action interactive fan fiction adventure plays out over Zoom with a live actor.