On Demand

History Science Theatre On Demand

Now you can rent video adaptations of Matheatre’s hit virtual storytelling series that bring STEM history to life…on demand! In these 15-20 minute videos, we interpret figures from science history and embed STEM lessons into lively stories about their life and work. Rent individual videos a la carte for 72 hours, or rent the whole set for 30 days and get one for free!

Appropriate for elementary students grades 1-5. Great for homeschooling families too!

History Science Theatre ON DEMAND is more than just a video–each rental comes with a detailed discussion/activity guide to build out your lesson or unit, which includes:


 – a short biography of the character

 – suggested discussion questions

 – suggested supplemental activities

 – suggested reading

 – mini-profile of a modern STEM role model furthering the character’s work today!

Available characters:

Marie Curie

Students will hear about Madame Curie’s commitment to education in the face of obstacles. In her story about the isolation of two undiscovered elements, students will come along on the steps of the scientific method and see an example of a chemical reaction, and even learn a few words of Marie Curie’s native language, Polish! Key lesson concepts include elements and minerals, radioactivity, the scientific method and persistence in the face of obstacles

Isaac Newton

Students will hear about Sir Newton’s experience spending a year and a half in quarantine from a great plague and how he kept very busy asking big questions and testing fundamental laws of motion. Key lesson concepts include force, orbital motion, laws of motion, and experimentation. Sir Newton will discuss the negative effects of bullying and encourage students to ask questions about how the universe works.  

Ada Lovelace

Students will hear about Lady Lovelace’s flights of imagination inspired by math! Key lesson concepts include numbers and numerals as symbols, algorithms, the role of imagination, and the importance of practice to get good at math. Along the way students will consider how social privileges can affect our perception of who is a mathematician. Ada will compare math to poetry and “program” students with their own numeric algorithm!


George Washington Carver

Students will hear about Dr. Carver’s love of plants and nature and how he used science to save the world. Key lesson concepts include plant pigmentation, mathematical patterns in nature, the nitrogen cycle, responsible stewardship of land. Students will learn about Dr. Carver’s experience as a Black scientist in the aftermath of the American Civil War, his innovative work with legume crops, his perspective as an artist, and how to make paint out of plants!

Galileo Galilei

Students will hear about Galileo’s dangerous ideas and how his scientific breakthroughs got him into big trouble. Key lesson concepts include motion of falling objects, phases of the moon, optics of telescopes and science as a pursuit of truth. Students will consider the societal changes that come with advances in scientific knowledge and how Galileo’s foundational experiments set the stage for modern scientific study.

Caroline Herschel

Students will hear Miss Herschel’s Cinderella-like story of a working class girl who became an imminent astronomer. Key lesson concepts include optics of telescopes, light pollution, the mathematics of music and the importance of sharing opportunities and privileges. Caroline will talk about teamwork with her brother William and how music inspired her to love math and physics as she shares some of her favorite songs about the stars. 

Nikola Tesla

Students will hear about Mr. Tesla’s journey from a curious and inventive child to electricity pioneer! Key lesson concepts include motors, electromagnetism, and generators. Students will see demonstrations of the alternating current motor, learn how electricity and magnetism are the same force, and consider the ways immigrants like Nikola Tesla have shaped and contributed to American society.

Full-length Musicals!

Want to stream a Matheatre musical performance for your class with flexibility and convenience? Now you can rent previously recorded performances of Nikola Tesla and the Mother of InventionCurie Me Away! and Calculus: The Musical! for your class! No more hassle to calculate attendance and reserve streaming tickets–just rent the video in time for your event for a flat rental fee and you’re good to go!

Rentals are good for 72 hours and have no audience limit. 

Stage performance videos are most appropriate for middle, high school, and college students.