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A brand new podcast coming in 2020

Matheatre presents the first known audio production of its kind—a serial format, dramatized non-fiction podcast based on math and science history. With music!

Season One will musically dramatize the career of chemist and X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin. Best known for her contributions to the understanding of DNA structure, she also researched and published findings on structures of coal and graphite and made breakthroughs in the world of viruses. This six-episode musical podcast, set in the 1950s, will celebrate the tragically short but monumentally resonant career of one of the 20th century’s most important but under-recognized scientists.
Season Two, by popular request, takes us back to our math roots with a series about the Pythagorean theorem! A rock opera (of sorts) set in ancient times when geometry was young, we’ll explore the life, times and ideas of Pythagoras. Get ready to get triangular!
More information, including official title, logo and release dates, subscription info, and other news from behind the scenes will be updated here in the coming months.

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