The intersection of Arts and Academics.

"Sadie Bowman and Ricky Coates’ charming musical portrait of the woman who discovered radium and developed the study of radioactivity along with her husband, Pierre, is a delight from start to finish...combines art and education in a completely unique and entertaining way."
--Salt Lake Tribune

"...creative stagecraft (including shadow-plays for multiple male supporting characters) and energetic performances provide a solid foundation for conveying the obstacles faced by Curie in the early 20th century as a woman—and eventually wife and mother—trying to be taken seriously as a scientist."
--Salt Lake City Weekly

New this year!

A radioactive musical based on the science, life and legacy of Madame Marie Curie, a pioneer in the field of physical chemistry. From growing up in occupied Poland, where higher education of women was forbidden by law, to becoming the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, her life story is one laced with tragedy but ultimately a triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Core chemistry concepts:

  • compounds and reactions
  • groupings on the periodic table
  • transmutation
  • radioactive half-life

are reinforced through lyrical metaphor in a biography of discovery. Developed in consultation with a chemistry professor, scientific content underscores a broad relevance extending into the realms of history, social studies and women's studies departments. With emotional range, a powerful message for women in STEM and their collaborators, and lots of science--it's the radical story of a persistent woman who changed our understanding of the universe.

"Ricky Coates and Sadie Bowman deserve special prizes for the intricate chemical metaphors. The songs and dialogue were witty and engaging for the audience and it was not all just dull science or didactic women’s rights. The actress Sadie Bowman made the character of Marie into a driven but well-rounded normal person."
--Drama In The Hood

Tesla Ex Machina

"Tesla from the Machine"

"This one-man biopic of visionary inventor Nikola Tesla by Ricky Coates is remarkably ambitious...There’s a slow build as the audience realizes the breadth of Tesla’s genius...Coates wins us over with his intensity and commitment."
--Cincinnati City Beat

Humanity in an age of technology

In 1892 the famed inventor Nikola Tesla battled partial amnesia, piecing his life together memory by memory. A Serbian immigrant, Tesla harnessed the power of Niagara Falls, astounded the world when he lit the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair, and developed the alternating current system we still use today. A one-man tour-de-force brings the inner world of this electrical giant to life, along with appearances by Mark Twain and of course, his nemesis Thomas Edison! Featuring re-creations of electrical experiments from the 1890s--including:

  • the induction motor
  • the world's first robot
  • a live Tesla Coil

This electrifying story for the 'current' age explores the experience of an immigrant who shaped the future of America. Relevant to students of history and social studies as well as electrical engineering and physics!

Calculus: The Musical!

A favorite of students and teachers since 2006.

"Hysterically amusing as well as educational...All this information is imparted to the audience seamlessly through witty dialogue and musical parodies...Sadie Bowman, who also co-authored the play, and Ricky Coates, turned in tour-de-force performances."
--Drama In The Hood

The classic review of the concepts and history of Calculus!

Isaac Newton joins forces with Ada, a modern math student, on a journey of discovery. Their adventures through the peaks and troughs of Calculus is a buddy comedy for the ages! Archimedes, Robert Hooke, Gottfried Leibniz, L'Hopital and Riemann are part of the action, from toga parties and accordion smackdowns to sick rhymes and dream ballets--you've never laughed so much in an hour of Calculus. Musical parodies that span genres--from Daft Punk to Eminem, Gilbert and Sullivan to Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor--introduce and illuminate concepts of limits, integration and differentiation. Developed by a high school math teacher, all ten hilarious, catchy songs deliver powerful mnemonic content proven to get stuck in students' heads, actively aiding comprehension and memorization of formulas, rules and concepts! The quest for the instantaneous rate of change and the area under the curve comes vividly alive with an unforgettable soundtrack!

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