Calculus:The Musical!

is a comic ‘review’ of the concepts and history of calculus. A blend of sketch comedy, musical theatre and classroom lecture. Using musical parodies that span genres from light opera to hip hop, we introduce and illuminate such concepts as limits, integration and differentiation. With our unique comic style we dramatize some high points of calculus’ history.

© Mikki Schaffner 2012.

From Archimedes to Riemann, the quest for the instantaneous rate of change and the area under the curve comes to life through song! Musical tributes to Lorde, Gilbert & Sullivan, Bonnie Tyler and even Eminem are just a few of the artists who have inspired this engaging and educational lesson that is nothing at all like your high school textbooks. Calculus: The Musical! promises to be entertaining to the arithmophobe and the rocket scientist alike.

2016 National Tour Actor

Is It You?
Are you a multi-talented actor - singer - musician? Do you want to bring the magic of Calculus to people all around the country? If so, you may be part of our next cast of Calculus:The Musical! as it heads into its tenth year of touring. Please contact us if you are interested.

Bring Calculus to you!

The National Tour produced by Know Theatre of Cincinnati. For booking information please contact Marc at:
calculusthemusical @

© Know Theatre 2010.

2016 National Tour Dates

    • Kenton HS, Independence, KY
    • Phoenix College, Phoenix AZ
    • Granger HS, Salt Lake City, UT
    • Dallas, TX

    • Standley Lake HS, Westminster, CO
    • Park Hill South HS, Kansas City, MO
    • University of Nebraska, Omaha NE
    • Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
    • Germantown, NY
    • Monroe, CT